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Fireproof | Contract
Tessuti San Marco has extended its range of fireproof fabrics and Trevira Cs for cinemas, theaters, hotels and coaches in addition to 100% cotton or polyester velvet. These are ideal fabrics for contract use.
As is known, there are fabrics that are inherently flame retardant thanks to their chemical composition and structure and normally flammable fabrics which are however subjected to specific fireproofing treatments to obtain highly performing results. The added substances act to vitrify or carbonize the fabric, once subjected to flames or even, releasing carbon dioxide or ammonia, end up helping the reduction of the fire.
In addition to flame retardant fabrics for homes and curtains, today the law regulates the use of similar fabrics in environments such as hotels, restaurants, pensioners, cinemas, gyms, schools to prevent and contain fires.
These fire retardant fabrics for contract and these household fire retardant fabrics require simple but clear rules for washing and storage, which our experts will be happy to show you.

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