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The Tessuti San Marco company has been operating for a long time in the Italian furnishing fabrics sector and is located in the heart of one of the most important and renowned districts, worldwide, for the production of art furniture, such as the District of Verona furniture. It is one of the companies belonging to the Consortium for the protection of furniture in Verona, Lignum, which certifies, by adhering to an ethics code, the companies that are part of it.
For more information: www.lignumverona.it

We have always offered wholesale fabrics of the highest quality, both classic and modern, velvets and technical fabrics such as microfibers, Trevira CS and eco-leathers, suitable for the realization of furniture, armchairs, sofas, cinema, theaters and interior furnishings.

Our long experience in the sector, the high flexibility achieved in distribution, constant and targeted attention to each individual customer and the competence of our collaborators have contributed to making Tessuti San Marco a great partner for furniture companies and designers.

The organization that characterizes our company allows us to process orders for goods available in the warehouse in a very short time through the use of couriers with daily collection (24 / 48h).


We are working for a long time in the Italian furniture textiles sector in Cerea (VR), in the heart of one of the most important art furniture districts worldwide.

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In the 1960s Umberto Negri began to assist his father’s cousin, Galileo, in the management of a workshop of fabrics and other textile products hitherto mainly addressed to the realization of the wedding clothes and “gifts” still very much in vogue in the Veronese countryside and in the neighboring provinces. The economic context is characterized by a flourishing of small artisan furniture and upholstery shops that need to be followed in their ever new requests.
The Negri workshop is dynamic as well as known and appreciated for the seriousness, reliability and competence of the manager; however, given its age, the need for a generational change for growing organizational and management needs begins to emerge. Umberto is passionate about work and enthusiastically involves the brothers Dante and Piergiorgio, making fabrics a “family matter”.
What matters for the three brothers is the QUALITY OF THE MATERIALS, CUSTOMER CARE (seen as a partner with whom to collaborate, not simply a counterpart to work with), a very close relationship of TRUST with the weavers (who must guarantee high standards of quality and professionalism) and LOVE FOR YOUR WORK and for MADE IN ITALY.
The activity in the 70s and 80s is implemented, in some ways also in a tumultuous way, with an increasing attention to the world of furniture and interior design, for this reason it is decided to move the company headquarters in Cerea, the nerve center of the cd Mobile d’Arte and where many of the client companies reside. The continuous search for “beauty”, quality and constant maintenance of relationships with certified and absolutely reliable Italian suppliers are rewarded and allow the development of the business.
During the 90s there was a consolidation of the company and the development of the same beyond the regional and national borders, towards the end of the decade Tessuti San Marco is a reality that collaborates with some of the major Italian design companies and, also thanks to these excellent collaborations, begins to take off across the national border.


In the following years, collaborations and relationships with important players at national and international levels multiplied; Tessuti San Marco stands out for the quality of the fabrics and trimmings, for the attention to detail, for customer advice (accompanied step by step in the search for the product suitable to meet their needs and for customizing the fabrics) and for the obstinate will to maintain Made in Italy.
In 2018 there is the entry of Marco, Umberto’s son, into the company; it aims to give a new innovative turn to the initial project, but the ideals are always the same: quality of materials and customer service.
Today Tessuti San Marco maintains collaboration with historical customers, constantly inaugurates new commercial partnerships, collaborates with architecture and design studios, assists event organization agencies in creating unforgettable choreographies, collaborates with other national and international producers and distributors to continue providing quality products at low prices that give emotions.
Now the types of fabrics are many and specific, ranging from classic to modern fabrics, from velvets to eco-leathers, from microfibres to stain-resistant and water-repellent products, from technical fabrics to fire-retardant fabrics (according to various national and international standards), from those customized to those for large-scale production.
There are more than 1,000 items in stock, the shop has evolved and updated, the web has become the place to find everything and “everything”, the years have passed but the enthusiasm and ideals of the owners and collaborators of Tessuti San Marco are always those who guided the Negri brothers in the initial phase of their project: QUALITY OF MATERIALS, CUSTOMER CARE (seen as a partner with whom to collaborate, not simply a counterpart to work with), one very close relationship of TRUST with the weavers (who must guarantee high standards of quality and professionalism) and LOVE FOR YOUR WORK and for MADE IN ITALY.

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